Advice Column: Delivery Problems

Thursday 21st February 2019

As part of the Citizens Advice Exeter and The Express and Echo weekly advice column this week we focus on delivery problems.

I ordered some birthday presents online, and they haven’t been delivered. Is there anything I can do to get hold of them or get my money back?

It is the legal responsibility of the company you bought the presents from to make sure the items are delivered.

Contact the seller explaining that you’ve not received the items.  If you paid for named day delivery and it hasn’t arrived on time, ask for the delivery costs to be refunded. You should receive the difference between what you paid and the standard delivery cost.

Set a deadline for when you need the items by (such as two weeks). The seller should contact the delivery company to make sure your items arrive.

If your parcel still doesn’t arrive on the agreed date, you are entitled to a refund or a replacement. Contact the company in writing setting out what you want. Lodge a written complaint if they refuse.

If that still doesn’t work, check if the company is part of a trade association and see if they can help, or look for an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme. This is an independent third party who can help you reach a resolution.

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