Advice Column: Brexit

Thursday 31st August 2017

As part of the Citizens Advice Exeter and The Express and Echo weekly advice column we focus on the decision to leave the European Union

 Following the decision to leave the European Union, I am confused what this means and when I am likely to see any changes. Now that Article 50 has been triggered what are the immediate implications?

 Last year the UK public voted to leave the European Union (EU). Following this, the government has now triggered Article 50. This means that the process of leaving the EU has started.

Some laws will change in the future – but not immediately. Everything will stay the same until new laws are made.

If you’re an EU citizen living in the UK, your rights to live, work or get benefits won’t change unless the government passes new laws.

If you’re a UK citizen living in the EU or travelling to the EU, your rights won’t change yet either.

You don’t need to take any action now. Changes to the law will be announced before they happen, so you’ll have time to prepare if you’re affected

If you think you’ve been discriminated against since the referendum, for example if you’ve been unfairly refused work or housing, or told your rights have changed, you can contact us on 03444 111 444.

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