Natalia Trinca

Board Member
Became a Trustee: 2021

I am originally from Moldova with over 12 years’ experience in Finance and Accounting.

I have graduated Academy of Economic Studies in Moldova and since moving to UK decided to continue my journey on broadening variety of accountancy skills by joining The  Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA).

Coming to UK, from one of the Europe’s poorest countries where 20% of population live below poverty line gave me an opportunity not only to enhance my own experiences in more positive way, but also join an amazing charity where high aspirations for the poor and vulnerable are at front.

I am joining the Board of Citizens Advice Exeter as strongly believe by showing the light at the end of the tunnel is helping people to find a way forward. The trusteeship has provided a great development opportunity for me and will help me understand how the charity sector works and how we can set up successful partnerships between charities and corporates.