Information Advice and Advocacy Service

Citizen Advice Exeter were appointed by the Council in October 2019 to provide a city wide Independent Information Advice and Advocacy Service.

The purpose of the service is to:

– Ensure free, independent, confidential and impartial advice, information and advocacy is available to help people resolve the problems they face.
– Help address the widening inequality gap for Exeter communities in terms of health, income, employment and access to services.
– Work alongside the Council’s Housing Needs Team to support customers who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and are experiencing financial and budgeting difficulties

Citizens Advice Exeter Advice Trends April 2019 – March 2020

Client enquiries
We helped 11,324 clients directly with their advice and information needs.

Welfare benefits
Overall, we have seen a 27.6% increase in welfare benefit enquiries. The main changes being:

27.6% increase about attendance allowance
22.8% increase about council tax benefit/local support
14.8% increase about DLA/Personal Independence Allowance
We also dealt with 4,164 new enquires about Universal Credit.

Overall, we have seen a 6% increase in debt enquiries. The main changes being:

27.2% increase about private rent arrears
22.8% increase about fuel debt
16.3% increase about local authority rent arrears

Overall, we have seen a 4.7% decrease in employment enquiries. The main changes being:

28.9% decrease about self-employment
9.7% decrease about pay and entitlements
1% decrease about dispute resolution

Overall, we have seen a 13.7% increase in housing enquiries. The main changes being:

57.5% increase about threatened homelessness
19.7% increase about owner occupier property
14.3% increase about actual homelessness

Annual report for each City Ward
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Duryard and St James
Mincinglake and Whipton
Newtown and St Leonards
St Davids
St Loyes
St Thomas