Financial Capability

MoneyActive project offers FREE financial education courses for groups of people who want to understand money issues better. This work is funded by the Santander Foundation. We have previously worked with support groups, school children, supported living groups, students, employability programmes etc. If you lead a group, please feel free to contact us to find out more!

We also run courses for people who work with clients who are having problems managing their money. These courses may have some small costs associated with them.

Courses for the public

  • Managing your money – how to put together a personal budget 
  • Dealing with your bills – how to prioritise bills 
  • Choosing credit – how to choose between different kinds of credit 
  • Choosing and opening a bank account – how to choose and open a bank account 
  • Understanding money – a course for 14 – 21 covering credit, interest, bills, debt

Courses for frontline workers

  • Making the most of their money – help clients increase income and reduce outgoings
  • Keeping track of money – how to help clients put together a personal budget 
  • Getting debt advice – how to refer clients for debt advice
  • Getting savvy with credit – how to guide clients on the pros and cons of credit
  • Getting to grips with banking – how to support clients to understand bank accounts

Each course lasts for two hours and can be run for individuals or for groups. We can offer tailored courses for larger groups and can come to your premises.

For bookings and further information, please contact Vicki Tate, training administrator,