Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we have reluctantly taken the decision to close our face-to-face services in Exeter until further notice. We continue to deliver a service through our enhanced Adviceline telephone service.

Before making a referral, we would ask that you first visit our national website www.citizensadvice.org.uk to see if you can find information or advice for your client which may resolve their issue. Or alternatively ask your client to call our Adviceline number is 0800 144 88 48 (freephone no.) which is currently available Monday – Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm.

If however your client situation is complex or they are vulnerable and need additional support please complete the referral form below. We aim to get back to you or the client within 3 working days.

External referral form

This form is made available to our partners so that they can refer clients who need additional support.

By completing and sending this referral form to Citizens Advice Exeter, you are confirming the following requirements:

  • That the client has consented to be referred to Citizens Advice Exeter
  • The client has consented to The Citizens Advice service keeping an electronic record of their information on our national database.
  • That you have obtained the correct consent under the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 for the sharing of special category data.
  • That the referrer gives consent for their details above to be recorded on the client’s record held securely by Citizens Advice


External Referral Form

Client referred by

Client Contact Details

Can address be used for correspondence?
Can the home telephone number be used?
Can Mobile Telephone Number be used to call, text and leave voicemail?
Can we send an email to this address?

Client information

Does the Client have a partner?
Does the client or their partner have any savings?
Does the client own their own home?

Client needs

Client needs help with (please tick all that apply)
Does the client represent any risks/challenging behaviour?

If No CLICK HERE to skip to form submission

If Yes please also complete the following Risk Assessment Questions

- Start of Risk Assessment -

Have you visited this person in their own home?
Has this person ever displayed any violent, aggresive or intimidating behaviour?
Does this person display any behaviour that could be present a risk or be a concern to others?
Does this person have any "triggers" which may influence their behaviour?
Does this person have any health problems including mental health problems and/or disabilities?
Is this person at risk from self-neglect, self-harm or suicide?
Are there any other risks to the staff, from other household members or pets??

- End of Risk Assessment Questions