About Our Trustees

Citizens Advice Exeter is an independent charity. We rely on volunteers, including our board of trustees.

Trustees play an essential role in ensuring that the charity runs smoothly. Trustees make sure that:

  • The advice services we offer are high quality
  • Our clients’ experiences are used to campaign for changes in policies or services locally and nationally
  • Resources are secured to meet current and new demands and that all funds are used responsibly, and
  • Recruitment and selection for staff and volunteers are fair and we are representative of the local community
  • Training and support are available for staff and volunteers
  • Local partner organisations and funders are aware of the charity and its services

To find out more about the Citizens Advice Exeter trustees, follow the links below.

Dennis Mardon

Became a trustee in: July 2004 and Chair in October 2004

The satisfaction in being a trustee of Citizens Advice Exeter is the knowledge that you are involved in making a real difference to so many individuals and families. This is due to the incredible commitment of everyone involved with the charity: trustees, paid staff and volunteers. I have never known or worked in an organisation where everyone has such a united passion for success.

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Richard Foxwell

Board Member
Became a trustee in: 2015

I believe from personal knowledge and family experience that Citizens Advice as an institution has an increasingly important role to play in society and I hope to continue making a worthwhile contribution to the organisation in Exeter.

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Lesley Pattison

Board Member, Chair of Resources Committee
Became a trustee in: 2005

Citizens Advice Exeter is of immense value to the people it serves and is essential in a society which can be complex and confusing to many of its citizens.

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Derek Phillips

Board Member
Became a trustee in: 2007

Stephen Salter

Board Member and Volunteer Adviser
Became a trustee in: 2008

As well as being a trustee, I am a volunteer at Citizens Advice Exeter. The best part about volunteering is getting a ‘Thank you’ from a client whom you have advised. Their issue may not have gone away, but the client knows they have a Citizens Advice advisor working alongside them.

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Gordon Richardson

Board Member
Became a trustee in: 2017

I’m looking forward to helping to raise awareness of this vital work and ensuring the charity continues to thrive.

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Carol Whitton

Board Member
Became a Trustee in: 2018

I became a trustee of Citizens Advice Exeter because I want to make a difference for people in Exeter, particularly those facing difficult or challenging times in their lives. 

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Steve Morgan

Board Member and Treasurer
Became a Trustee: 2019

I am joining the Board of Citizens Advice Exeter in order to help maintain the long-term financial viability of this wonderful charity, and to ensure that sufficient resources are available to achieve its objectives.

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Amy Langford

Board Member
Became a Trustee: 2019

I have been involved with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau for several years supporting their legal clinics. I think it provides a great service and I want to be able to continue my work with them. I share the same values as I want to help the community and play a part in changing things for the better. I value diversity and promote equality and I want to ensure everyone gets the advice and support they need.

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